Combining Work With A Family Trip

Combining Work With A Family TripI decided to write up a short post about a travel experience I had with my own family a few years ago. It is one of those trips I do regret, and ever since then I have not mixed business with pleasure again. I had the opportunity to take some photos for a stroller and car seat manufacturer and it required a 2 hour flight to get there. I hadn’t been to California since I was in my early twenties and I thought it would be a great place for a family holiday.

We packed bags and the kids and went on a one week vacation to southern California. It has rarely happened to me, but the day I got back from the vacation I was in the office and thought “I need a vacation!”

We had inadequately prepared for the hassle of the airport and only just made it the airplane before takeoff. Because I had all my camera gear and then there was all the bags for the kids it just took forever to clear security. The flight itself was fine, but when we arrived two of our bags were missing and they didn’t get to us until 4 days later when we were almost ready to go home. Continue reading

How To Choose The Best Air Compressor


When you want to invest on an air compressor, it is very crucial to choose the one that will worth your money that offers high-end performance and quality. Choosing the best air compressor can be a meticulous task,since there are many model sand brand available in the market today. The purpose of this article is to teach you how to set a standard when buying an air compressor.

Below are the things that you should do first,when planning to buy the best air compressor.

  • Research for air compressor companies and manufacturers that has a reliable standard and a reputation of providing high quality machinery and equipment. To do this, research online and compare the each model and models. Reading the customers review would be also a great help.
  • Consider your purpose of buying an air compressor. Why do you need an air compressor? The type of job that you needed an air compressor is vital in identifying what type of air compressor you need.
  • After finding the company that is renowned for their great quality of machinery, consider these three factor below in choosing the best compressor.

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How to Install a Pull-Down Faucet

 How to Install a Pull-Down Faucet

Kitchen faucets with pull-down features are excellent for cleaning vegetables and washing kitchen utensils by pulling down the spout from the faucet.   This feature is designed to add up the functional utility of kitchen faucet. The pull-down faucet is modern and enhances the overall beauty of your kitchen.   After use once released it will push up automatically to the spout in its original position, and it will look like a natural kitchen faucet.   In this article, we are dealing with how to install a pull-down faucet, continue reading.

There are two types of pull-down faucets available for selection, one with a basic pull feature where the faucet works like a sprayer and a double faucet where one is fitted on top of the other. The other type is a single type pull-down faucet.

What are the sink conditions to be checked before buying a pull-down faucet?

How to Install a Pull-Down-Faucet

Your sink must have the provision to fix a pull-down faucet. If there is no orifice to fix the pull-down faucet then fixing will be difficult.   Most of the modern sinks will have extra holes, so this won’t be an issue at all. If additional plug holes are available on the sink then it is easy to fix. It is advised to have a single tub basin sink than a double basin sink for using a pull-down faucet.

The installation processes are simple to follow but make sure to have the right plumbing tools and supporting fixing materials.

Take out the old faucet:

Before you remove the old faucet, close the hot and cold water delivery valves to the faucet by using an adjustable plumbing wrench. You can use a bucket to collect the water and make sure to dry the pipe completely. Continue reading

How to fix scratches in hardwood floors


There are many ways to fix scratches in hardwood floors; however, some of them are not specific as it does not target the kind of hardwood you have installed in your house. The best way on how to fix scratches in hardwood floors is, first, determine the finish.

How to fix scratches in hardwood floors

How to fix scratches in hardwood floors

You can do this by:

  1. Rubbing your finger across one area of your hardwood floor.
  2. If there is no smudge left, then it is surface-sealed.
  3. If it creates a smudge, then it’s a penetrating seal-treated.
  4. If it is not shiny, or dull in color, then it doesn’t have a finishing.

Once you have determined the kind of finish you have, then it’s time to inspect the gravity of the scratched area. Some scratches may only affect the finish/seal, or it is found on the surface; while others can go deeper that if fixing is impossible may require replacement.

Each floor has different needs, and fixing them may require the need to use some solutions that you have never thought of. And even if you think that your manufacturer promises that the kind of flooring you have is resistant to marks, over time, it will develop. Such in the cases of those areas in your home that the traffic is very high. Here then are the simple tricks for that are specific for the different hardwood floors.

 For Surface-Sealed Hardwood Floors:

  • If there are scuff marks – dampen a piece of sponge and use it to get baking soda. In a circular motion, slightly press on the sponge and wipe the scuff marks.
  • If it looks dull due to scratches – sand the floor lightly using a fine sandpaper to remove the scratched part. Then recoat it with the manufacturer’s sealer, mostly urethane or polyacrylic seal.

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Choosing a Rocker or Glider for Rocking a Baby

All over the world mothers use nursery rockers from historical times to put their babies for sleeping. Babies feel very much comfortable in rocking motion, and you can do the rocking in a natural way by letting the baby sleep on your shoulder or sitting in a rocking chair. Babies love soft motions, and that is the reason many times you can feel the indifferent attitude of a baby when you try to stand with the baby in a motionless state. Also, it would be a difficult situation to hold the baby on the shoulder and keep on walking all the time. A best Glider Chair can do the wonders of rocking and will be a great relief for you. Take the following points into consideration while shopping for a glider chair.

Choosing a Rocker or Glider for Rocking a Baby

Choosing a Rocker or Glider for Rocking a Baby

What are the paramount features you must know while choosing a Rocker or Glider Chair? Well, before venturing into the subject, you should know the difference between a Rocker and Glider chair. Though it may look similar in appeal, the action of the chairs varies. As the name suggests, when a rocker chair gives a rocker motion, the glider chair gives a gliding motion. Glider chairs will have smooth motion whereas the rocker chairs will have a more arch type movement. Continue reading

What is ceramic cookware


What is ceramic cookware

From the ancient times, people know how to invent materials, helping them in their activities of daily living, such are in the case of cookware. It all started in clay pots and became refined by years of invention. Now we have your metal cookware that proves to be more lightweight and stronger than the clay pots.

Still confused on what is ceramic cookware? Here is a description of the different kinds of the best ceramic cookware 2015:

  1. Kiln-Baked Cookware


By definition kiln is a kind of cookware that is baked in a furnace or oven. They are designed for baking, and have different designs to give style to the food baked, such as cakes and pastries.

  1. Cake tins – also known as cake pans is famous for shapes such as circle and square.
  2. Sheet pans – having flat bottoms, these are important in baking cookies and rolled breads.
  3. Pie pans – these are designed to bake pies.

A problem with Kiln-baked cookware is that they should not be exposed to acidic food as it destroys the quality and strength of the cookware. It is good in keeping food, especially for preservation, as proven in ancient times that it can preserve and make food taste better due to fermentation. Continue reading

What is a portable induction cooktop


There are different ways to look at the portable induction cooktop. It can be via definition, perhaps the process, or comparing it with other methods of cooking.

What is a portable induction cooktop

  • What is a portable induction cooktop?

Portable means that it can be carried to any area for use. It also means that the device is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It can be used inside or outside the house.

Induction meant that it uses induction heating. It is a process that is commonly behind the effectiveness of electric stovetop, which means its energy comes from electricity. It works by transferring the heat by current to anything that is directly in contact with it. And the heat is distributed evenly on the material, which is usually the steel pan or pot.

Therefore, a portable induction cooktop is a technology that uses induction of heat in cooking with the benefits of saving energy and time in cooking. Continue reading